MilDef launches cutting-edge MilDef Tactical Android Device (T.A.D.)

MilDef, a systems integrator and full-spectrum provider specializing in rugged IT, introduces the handheld MilDef Tactical Android Device (T.A.D.), redefining the Dismounted Soldier System (DSS). This innovative solution addresses challenges faced by military personnel, offering advanced technical features and durability for modern warfare.

The MilDef T.A.D. is a rugged Android-based mobile device designed for military operations. With its open architecture and integration capabilities the MilDef T.A.D. opens for several deployment scenarios. The MilDef T.A.D. has unique selling points that set it apart from conventional devices. The exchangeable battery ensures uninterrupted operation in extended missions, the night vision mode enhances soldier capabilities during low-light operations, and in line with MilDef’s customer commitment, the MilDef T.A.D. follows the company’s product life cycle of five years.

Fredrik Persson, MilDef CTO, emphasizes its significance:

”The MilDef T.A.D. is an advancement for the MilDef offering within dismounted soldier technology. Our focus on user-centric design has led us to develop a device that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern security and defense capabilities. The rugged design and technical setup exemplify our dedication to providing military personnel with a reliable, adaptable, and future-proof solution.”

The MilDef T.A.D. empowers users to select functionalities that suit their needs, elevating communication and decision-making. MilDef collaborates with clients to tailor the device to specific requirements. The company is also developing an ecosystem with complementary components, ensuring adaptability to evolving operational needs.

Witness the MilDef T.A.D. prototype at the upcoming DSEI Exhibition in London. For more information and meetings, visit our DSEI Exhibition booth, H2-655.

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