MilDef Group AB (publ) (“MilDef” or the “Company”) has, based on the authorisation from the annual general meeting on the 12[th] of May 2022, resolved to carry out a directed share issue of 2,343,750 shares at a subscription price of SEK 64 per share. The subscription price has been determined through an accelerated bookbuilding procedure performed by Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (“SEB” or the “Sole Global Coordinator”).


The bookbuilding procedure that was announced by the Company earlier today has been completed and MilDef’s Board of Directors has resolved to carry out a directed issue of 2,343,750 shares, at a subscription price of SEK 64 per share, consequently raising proceeds of MSEK 150 before transaction costs. A significant number of institutional investors subscribed for shares in the new share issue, among others, Andra AP-fonden, Swedbank Robur, Svolder AB, Carnegie Fonder and Grenspecialisten Förvaltning.

After the directed share issue, the total number of shares in MilDef will amount to 39,859,566[1]. The Company intends to use the proceeds to enable continued expansion through strategic acquisitions in line with the Company’s business plan and strategy.

The Board of Directors is of the opinion that the proceeds contributes to a good balance of different financing sources, that the directed share issue is positive for the Company’s capital structure, general risk level and that the proceeds enables continued expansion through strategic acquisitions. Prior to the directed share issue, the Company has also considered the possibility to raise the required equity through a rights issue. The Board of Directors of the Company has thereby concluded that a rights issue would be significantly more time-consuming and entail significantly higher costs and increased exposure to potential market volatility compared to the directed share issue. Unlike a rights issue, the directed share issue has also broadened the shareholder base and provided the Company with new reputable institutional owners, which the Board of Directors considers to be of benefit to MilDef and the general liquidity in the share. In the light of the above, the Board of Directors has made the assessment that a directed share issue with deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights was the most favourable alternative for MilDef and in the best interest of the Company’s shareholders. As the subscription price in the directed share issue was determined through a bookbuilding procedure, the Board of Directors assesses that the subscription price reflects current market conditions and demand.

In connection with the directed share issue, the Company has undertaken, subject to customary exceptions, not to issue additional shares during a period of 180 days. In addition, all members of the Company’s executive management and Board of Directors have agreed not to sell any shares in the Company during a period of 90 days, with certain exceptions for financing, incl. tax, incentive program participation.


SEB is the financial advisor and HWF Advokater AB is the legal advisor to the Company. Advokatfirman Cederquist KB is the legal advisor to SEB

[1] Total number of shares includes the number of shares to be issued in relation to the approximately MSEK 80 million issue-in-kind with a subscription price of SEK 71.02, announced in a separate press release dated September 12, 2022 relating to the acquisition of Handheld Group AB.

For more information, please contact:

Björn Karlsson, CEO
Cell: +46 705 25 01 07

Daniel Ljunggren, EVP, CFO
Cell: +46 706 68 00 15

Olof Engvall, Head of IR & Communications
Cell: +46 735 41 45 73

This information is information that MilDef Group AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 23:15 CET on the 13th of September 2022.

About MilDef

MilDef was founded in 1997 in Helsingborg, Sweden and is a provider of tactical IT for demanding environments. Tactical IT includes rugged electronics, software and services. Today, MilDef’s products are sold to over 160 customers through their subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK and the US as well as through a partner network to over 30 countries, primarily within the EU. MilDef is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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Information to Distributors
Solely for the purposes of the product governance requirements contained within: (a) EU Directive 2014/65/EU on markets in financial instruments, as amended (“MiFID II”); (b) Articles 9 and 10 of Commission Delegated Directive (EU) 2017/593 supplementing MiFID II; and (c) local implementing measures (together, the “MiFID II Product Governance Requirements”), and disclaiming all and any liability, whether arising in tort, contract or otherwise, which any “manufacturer” (for the purposes of the MiFID II Product Governance Requirements) may otherwise have with respect thereto, the new shares in the directed share issue (the “Issue Shares”) have been subject to a product approval process, which has determined that the Issue Shares are: (i) compatible with an end target market of retail investors and investors who meet the criteria of professional clients and eligible counterparties, each as defined in MiFID II; and (ii) eligible for distribution through all distribution channels as are permitted by MiFID II (the “Target Market Assessment”). Notwithstanding the Target Market Assessment, distributors should note that: the price of the Issue Shares may decline and investors could lose all or part of their investment; the Issue Shares offer no guaranteed income and no capital protection; and an investment in the Issue Shares is compatible only with investors who do not need a guaranteed income or capital protection, who (either alone or in conjunction with an appropriate financial or other adviser) are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of such an investment and who have sufficient resources to be able to bear any losses that may result therefrom. The Target Market Assessment is without prejudice to the requirements of any contractual, legal or regulatory selling restrictions in relation to the Offer. Furthermore, it is noted that, notwithstanding the Target Market Assessment, the Sole Global Coordinator will only procure investors who meet the criteria of professional clients and eligible counterparties.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Target Market Assessment does not constitute: (a) an assessment of suitability or appropriateness for the purposes of MiFID II; or (b) a recommendation to any investor or group of investors to invest in, or purchase, or take any other action whatsoever with respect to, the Issue Shares.

Each distributor is responsible for undertaking its own target market assessment in respect of the Issue Shares and determining appropriate distribution channels.

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