Sustainable headquarters

The Fortress

A sustainable Fortress – the Construction

Miljöbyggnad is the most widespread environmental certification system for buildings in Sweden. If a building has Miljöbyggnad certification, this means that its environmental properties have been assessed by a third party. Once a building is certified, it is awarded with a certificate. The certification is valid as long as the building´s environmental performance is maintained, and this is reported to SGBC every five years after the certification.

Buildings are assessed within the areas of energy, indoor environment and materials. The environmental properties of a building determine whether it is given a rating of Bronze, Silver or Gold. In order to meet the criteria for a Bronze rating, it must be possible to demonstrate, among other criteria, that all statutory requirements are met. To achieve a Silver rating, the building must have a higher performance than is needed for Bronze. To achieve a Gold rating, the building must have the best possible performance with existing technology.

Gold Certified by the Sweden Green Building Council

The Fortress is rewarded with a GOLD rating certificate.

A green Fortress – energy efficient

A building with Miljöbyggnad certification has a lower level of energy consumption than the average building. Beyond requiring less energy for heat in the colder months of the year, buildings with Miljöbyggnad certification are also planned, designed, and built in a way that limits the need for cooling during the hottest period of the summer. Energy which the building nevertheless requires to function will, in so far as possible, come from a renewable source, and locally produced energy is rewarded.

The Fortress has 70.3kW solar panels power installed on the roof and the capacity is displayed in the entrance on the SolarAdmin app.

A pleasant Fortress – indoor environment

A building with Miljöbyggnad certification lets in plenty of natural light and has a controlled and comfortable indoor climate both on warm summer days and in cold winter nights. Ventilation in the building must be sufficient in order to generate a good and healthy indoor air quality. Adequate solar protection must be installed, or alternatively the building’s residents or users must have the possibility to install such protection themselves. The indoor noise levels are measured and must meet acceptable levels both with regards to noise between apartments and from technical installations and traffic.

Sustainable materials

Construction materials must be correctly documented, and the most harmful chemicals cannot be used when building from scratch. As buildings become more complex with increasingly different materials used throughout the construction process; you can feel safe in a building with Miljöbyggnad certification as there will always be a documentation in place demonstrating that the materials used contain few hazardous or endocrine-disrupting substances. When a building with Miljöbyggnad certification is designed, a Life Cycle Assessment, LCA, is carried out on both the foundation and the frame to determine what level of carbon dioxide equivalents will be generated.