Why invest in MilDef?

The short answer to the question is. Because MilDef has never been more relevant!

Since 1997, MilDef has delivered profitable growth in its global niche for tactical IT. 

During the last six years (2018-2023), revenue growth has been 36%, which is an overperformance compared with the Company’s financial target of 25% growth.

The profitability target is at least 10% EBITDA where the average 2018-2023 was 11.7%.

The company’s portfolio consists of hardware, services, and software. Historically, a large majority of revenue streams have been based on hardware, which is expected to be balanced in the future with the goal of the three segments reaching approximately equivalent sizes. 

Tactical IT is technologically challenging, and the high degree of specialization and customization creates natural barriers to entry for competitors, helping to secure access to a global market with strong growth. 

An attractive market with strong growth factors

  • MilDef addresses selected markets with high potential and projected growth. The Nordic region, selected countries within the EU and NATO, and some additional countries are prioritized.
  • Growth is driven by digitalization in demanding environments, globally growing defense budgets, technological innovations, and modernization.
  • Strict technical requirements makes market access for new actors difficult, and long-term customer relationships are crucial for market success.

A leading Nordic company in the global industry for rough electronics

  • There are only a few pure competitors to MilDef. In a growing market, conditions are created for the company’s potential competitors, major global defense companies, to instead become increasingly strategically important customers. Fundamental to this relationship is that during structural market growth, most companies focus on their core business.
  • MilDef is one of the leading suppliers of robust defense electronics equipment (tactical IT) in the Nordic region.
  • The Nordic countries are the main markets and the Company’s presence in the US, UK creates strong growth and continued potential for expansion.
  • The company has several multi-year framework agreements in place in the Nordics, US and UK.
  • The customer base consists of more than 200 customers that include both government agencies and a large number of blue-chip companies in more than 30 countries. Several customer relationships go back more than 20 years.

A leading tactical IT portfolio

  • MilDef has a strong product portfolio in the three main hardware segments; rugged network systems, rugged monitors, and rugged computers.
  • The products are designed to withstand the most difficult environments and meet strict military requirements.
  • The growth in services and software is both organic and generated through acquisitions. MilDef invests in R&D to continuously strengthen their customer offerings.
  • With newly established production facilities, both in Sweden (2020) and Wales (2022), the Company has tripled its production capacity.

An efficient organization with high engineering expertise and strong industry expertise

  • MilDef has a strong and value-driven corporate culture where employees are motivated by meaningful purpose, technological challenges, inspiring work environments, internal career paths, and professional development.
  • The company has clearly defined KPIs in place to monitor both the company’s and employees’ results, as well as to continuously work with structured improvements.
  • A strong advisory board led by Maj. Gen. (ret) Berndt Grundevik, former Chief of Army in the Swedish Armed Forces, connects the company’s operations with the end customer, at both strategic and operational levels.
  • Many employees have multi-year experience from industry, leadership, and international business development.

A solid financial position and accelerated growth strategies

  • MilDef has greatly expanded its operations since its founding in 1997.
  • During the period 2018-2023, the Company has increased revenues by an average of 36% per year (CAGR).
  • The average EBITDA margin for 2018-2023 was 11.7% with an adjusted EBITDA margin of 14.6% in 2023.
  • The growth strategy is based on three key strategic pillars; growth in the company’s home markets, expansion through partner networks in priority markets, and acquisition-driven growth.
  • Over the past decade, the Company has completed six successful acquisitions, which have taken MilDef to new geographic markets and expanded the customer offering. The company works actively with its acquisition agenda according to a structured process.