Our sustainability work

MilDef aims to maintain a good balance between business, environmental and social sustainability.

This is considered essential in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to
meet theirs. MilDef always operates in compliance with mandatory requirements, such as applicable laws and regulations,
organizational and industry standards, contractual obligations, and any codes of practice.

Environmental sustainability (ESG)

The overall ambition of environmental responsibility is to protect the environment by actively and measurably striving to reduce the environmental impact of the company and its customers and to reduce resource utilization – in activities conducted in-house and by our suppliers. The organization is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, and meeting legal and anticipated requirements.

MilDef strives to reduce its impact on the environment and climate. The Company is aware that its operations have an impact on environment and strives to consider resource-efficient materials and function in buildings and premises related to the Group from a sustainability perspective. By determining and analyzing significant environmental aspects, measures to reduce or mitigate the impact of greenhouse gases are identified.

Social Responsibility (ESG)

The overall ambition in the social field is to: strive for a better society by acting as a responsible and respectful employer and contributing to improved social progress in the places where the company operates in accordance with the company’s Code of Conduct. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety by promoting a positive health and safety culture.

MilDef is committed to continuously improving occupational health, work environment, safety and well- being. By promoting a positive health and safety culture, occupational risks are identified and eliminated, along with methodical work to control and prevent risk elements.

MilDef has a responsibility to respect internationally recognised human rights and is committed to ensuring that the activities in the core processes do not risk causing harm to people or violating human rights. The business is taking the next step in its development by integrating Due Diligence for human rights.

Governance (ESG)

The overall ambition is to achieve long-term business sustainability by applying good business practice and business ethics. Sustainable business is considered to apply not only to how the company relates to its surroundings, but also to how the business acts and treats each other internally. The aim is to treat each other with great warmth and respect, and this gives the business the security and confidence needed to be able to treat customers and other stakeholders in the same way and provide them with world-class service. It should be a nice and safe experience both working at and doing business with MilDef.

The company operates on the basis that it is a prerequisite for sustainability. For the business, it is therefore important to act as a good role model and apply the same zero tolerance for bribery in all markets and in relation to all our business partners.

A KYC (know your customer) framework is used to ensure thatthe market actors MilDef chooses to do business with live up to both regulatory and ethical requirements.

MilDef has chosen to work systematically on sustainability in order to maximize its contribution and has integrated the ISO 26000 guidance standard on social responsibility in its existing combined management system, which includes work on quality, the environment, and health and safety. In addition to the organizations’ social responsibility in line with ISO 26000:2021, MilDef also works with an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015, a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, and an occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001:2018 for which the company are also certified.

Sustainability governance

MilDef’s Board of Directors has overall responsibility for sustainability, with work flowing throughout the organization according to set procedures for roles and responsibilities in the combined management system.
The overarching sustainability approach is driven primarily by the quality assurance unit, which has a dedicated budget and mandate for this purpose. Internal training is provided to disseminate knowledge and increase awareness within the organization.

MilDef works actively on the principles of corporate social responsibility, both internally with employees and externally with stakeholders. MilDef takes the seven principles in 26000:2021 as a starting point for this work, which is consolidated via the combined management system:

• Clear responsibility, transparency and ethical behavior are primarily ensured through the governance, strategy and compliance management processes.

• Respect for the stakeholders’ interests is integrated in business planning and managed through stakeholder analysis.

• Respect for the the rule of law and international norms of behavior is ensured by means of legal compliance and control of the value chain in the compliance process.

• Respect for human rights is ensured partly through the due diligence process and systematic efforts to promote a good working environment.

Via its combined management system, MilDef applies a variety of policies that are important to its operations within the areas of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and sustainability. These provide a clear direction for the principles and flow through all areas of the organization. Regulatory compliance, ethics and cultural attitudes are extremely important, and an annual program of refresher training has been set up for all employees. MilDef has defined a structure and process for managing governing documents (policies, procedures and instructions), including ownership and responsibility for compliance with these.

The Group’s policy portfolio includes

Responsibility for sustainability efforts is assigned in each policy, and the designated policy owner is responsible for monitoring the policy at Group level. The CEO is responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors annually on policy compliance.

Sustainability Protocol

MilDef strives to contribute to sustainable development and acts in accordance with the global sustainability goals defined by the UN.

The company supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. The company is constantly working to make the UN Global Compact and its principles part of its corporate strategy, culture and day-to-day operations, as well as to engage in collaborative projects.

MilDef has been a member since 2021 and commits to following the ten principles.

MilDef Group AB | UN Global Compact

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

MilDef works to promote the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

MilDef has chosen to focus on the goals linked to the company’s strategic development: Goal 4 Qualitative Education, 5 Gender Equality, 12 Responsible consumption/production, 13 Climate action and 16 Preserve peace and justice.

MilDef Group AB | Hållbarhetsmål

Sustainalytics’ ESG risk assessment measures a company’s exposure to industry-specific material ESG risks and how well a company manages those risks. This multidimensional approach to measuring ESG risk combines the concepts of management and exposure to arrive at an absolute assessment of ESG risk. MilDef has a risk assessment of 18.1, which is considered a low risk.

MilDef Group AB | ESG Risk Rating