Our Sustainability Goals

MilDef strives to contribute to sustainable development and acts in accordance with the global sustainability goals defined by the UN.
MilDef’s work to analyze what social responsibility means for the company is based on a process as follows:
Determination of value chain > Implementation of stakeholder analysis > Implementation of maximization analysis > Selection of goals from the SDGs.

The evaluation took its starting point in the interests of priority stakeholders, benefits for society and importance to the Group as a whole.
Priority issues were linked to the SDGs and targets where the Company has a positive and/or negative impact. The SDGs that MilDef has chosen to focus on based on the maximization analysis carried out are:

Promote personal development at work

Provide an environment where people can grow, develop and reach their personal goals. Together we create a stimulating and developing workplace where we all thrive – facilitating sustainable careers.

SDG 4.3.1, Increase participation in leadership programs.

Promote equality and diversity

People’s equal value is an obviousness for us and also a basis for innovation, development and meaningfulness. With us, everyone should have the same opportunities to develop and grow as a person.

SDG 5.5, Increase share of female leaders.

Promote sustainable production andconsumption

By strengthening our internal processes, we increase the competitiveness of our portfolio. This means increasing the intelligence of the systems, reducing lead times, improving reusability and much more.

SDG 12.5, Reduce waste.

Promote a sustainable climate

By increasing our knowledge, awareness and insight, we can reduce our impact on the climate and environment and mature our entire sustainability work.

SDG 13.2.2 Reduce total Greenhouse Gas Emission.

Promote a sound value chain free from corruption

We must operate on the basis that tackling corruption is a prerequisite for sustainability. We want to take responsibility for ensuring that our entire value chain is sustainable, both upstream and downstream. We will especially take our responsibility in those parts of the value chain where we can do the most good.

SDG 16.5.1, Maintain O cases of corruption or bribery.