Know Your Customer

Karin Svalander, General Counsel and Chairman of MilDef’s Ethics Council

What regulations govern MilDef’s sales?
To protect international peace and security, specific regulations control exports of certain sensitive products to countries outside the EU. However, since most of MilDef’s products and services are not covered by regulatory export controls, I would rather highlight MilDef’s internal rules determining with whom we choose to do business.

What does Know Your Customer entail?
Good knowledge of our customers is the most basic prerequisite in ensuring that our products do not end up in the wrong hands, but also in reducing the risk of industrial espionage and customer losses. for example. MilDef applies a structured customer awareness process that, among other things, entails due diligence being performed for new customers to obtain answers to questions such as: Where does the customer do business? What do the customer’s finances look like and what media impact has the customer had online and on its partners?

What is MilDef’s “green list”?
Although MilDef has several stated target markets, we have also taken a clear position regarding the countries with which we prefer to do business by means of our green list. For a country to end up on the green list, it must be governed democratically and with respect for human rights. If MilDef is to do business in countries other than those on the green list, there must be special reasons for this and each such transaction must be approved in advance by MilDef’s ethics council, which has been established to make MilDef’s ESG agenda visible in various contexts.